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Help BlackDog Catch Miss Kitty

BlackDog loves to chase Miss Kitty. They have a great time, too!
But, as soon as BlackDog catches her, she gets away again.
Have fun helping BlackDog catch her!

This game may not work in early versions of Internet Explorer.

How to Play

The goal of the game is to catch Miss Kitty as many times as possible.
Avoid the bugs and the monster, which deprive you of one BlackDog each time BlackDog hits one of them. Each one behaves differently. Patience is important. Remember, there's no time limit.

If you have a Magic Smiley, you can run over one bug or monster safely.
Magic Hamburgers are even more powerful than Magic Smileys.
Collect the Trees for extra points.
To move, just click where you want to go. Move to the edge of the screen to scroll.
Play Catch Miss Kitty with BlackDog

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