Fish Race

Fish Race is a very cute game, featuring five colourful fish who race across an underwater scene. The object of the game is to back the winning fish.  You can bet on the outcome of each race.  If you win you score a point.

After that it's up to you how you play - you could, for example, compete against your friends to be the first to a set number of points. You could even combine it in with another game - using the race as an elaborate dice or qualifier!

The game works in all modern graphical browsers (with javascript enabled).

Enter the names of up to five players in the text boxes below, then click Play Fish Race! (opens in a popup window):

How to play

At the beginning of each race you can bet on the fish you fancy, but once the fish are swimming you can't change your bet. Any players who aren't named will bet automatically:

The betting form is a grid of checkboxes with player names down the side and five choices of fish across the top

The game defaults to even points - each fish has an equal chance of winning. You can also use biased odds so that some fish have a much lower chance of winning, and consequently score more points:

Purple fish
The purple fish scores 1 point
Blue fish
The blue fish scores 2 points
Orange fish
The orange fish scores 3 points
Green fish
The green fish scores 4 points
White fish
The white fish scores 5 points

This is controlled with two buttons:

Two buttons for selecting the odds - Even or Bias

There are five more buttons to the left of those, which set the game speed. This feature allows for different processors (and different amounts of patience)! You can change the speed at any point in the game:

Five buttons for changing the speed - very-low, low, medium, high or very-high

The final button begins a new race, which you can also do at any point in the game:

The Play Fish Race! button

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Thanks to [Brothercake] for this cool game.

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