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Because of the enormous amounts of spam email sent to BlackDog, it's become necessary to hide BlackDog's email address.  It's a HUGE proglem!  Sometimes I even get junk email or even email that contains viruses which says it came from BlackDog!  To give you an example, of the problem, one day in January, 2004, BlackDog received 2,000 emails in one hour!  EEK!

If you need to contact BlackDog, send an email to:

Alternative #1

You will not be able to click on the email address above.  It is an image.  You will need to type the email address you see in the image into your email program.

Another way to contact BlackDog:  If you have a javascript enabled web browser, here's an easy way to .

Oh -- if you get email that says it is from BlackDog's membership department or that your BlackDog password has been updated, or something similar to that, please ignore it.  There are NO memberships on BlackDog and no passwords.  That's definitely an email spammer.  Do NOT click on any links in an email like that!

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Really Good Hints to Help Avoid Email Spam

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